Friday, May 19, 2006

Big Mistake!

A few things that scream ‘BIG MISTAKE’ but I do anyway…

Log on to my blog as soon as I get into work in the morning. This must be the NUMBER ONE big mistake. I always intend to just look at my comments, if I have any, but then I say ‘Oh, let me just have a look and see if so - and - so has blogged today’ and I do, then I read the comments left or I leave a comment, then I move onto the next link on my list and so on. Three hours later I am still at it. In the meantime, expense claims are crying out to be processed, emails begging to be replied and letters waiting to be written.

Walking away from an item in the shops promising yourself you’ll come back later and get it. BIG, BIG MISTAKE!!! Especially if that item is in the sale. If you see it and like it, get it!! It’s not going to sit there waiting for you to come back and get it.

Saying you’re only going to window shop – armed with your debit, credit and store card??? Who’re you kidding?

No, no, no. Cheap will never equal Quality. Those £5 jeans will rip the moment you sit down, and those £8 shoes will lose their soles as soon as you step into a puddle of water. Sad but true, you do get what you pay for.

Putting IT on the credit card. IT mostly being a major purchase that you shouldn't really be making.

Don’t throw that black sock in amongst the whites when you load up your washing machine. Just trust me on this one, okay?

This is an old one and dates back to my days in university…
… Telling yourself that you’ll wake up at 2 am to study for your exam the next day, but first you’ll just have a quick nap. Yeah, right. Hey, was that the rising sun and crowing cock that just woke you up?? (And no amount of kola, coffee or cold showers did the trick either.)


Blogger TaureanMinx said...

Lollllllll, you had me cracking up...

Now I have a photoblog so thats another three hours!!

4:58 pm  

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