Sunday, April 30, 2006

My Money and Me

Here are some great money related do's and dont's I want to share. I don’t know where I got them from, but I have had the list tucked away between the pages of my bible.

I must accept responsibility for my financial future.

God blesses the actions of men and women who are not afraid to make a move.

Current assets should be approximately 2 times greater than current liabilities.

The gifts God has given me are enough to bring me bore great men.

Jealousy over other’s success kills my own creativity and dampens my influence.

A budget can bring focus to my financial affairs.

Know where my money is going- keep accurate accounts of all spending.

Save receipts from all transactions and record amounts on a budget log.

Always expect, ask for and get a receipt.

A budget is not to restrict me from enjoying life, but it is to help me focus my finances on those goals that will allow me live a fulfilling life.

Use any credit I have wisely. Don’t spend up to my credit limit.

Learn to distinguish between my needs and wants.

Discipline in finances is one of the signs of being a disciple.

If I cannot handle the temptations of over extending on my credit cards, get rid of them.

Pay all my bills on time.

Paying the minimum amount on a bill should be the exception rather than the rule.

Don’t waste my hard earned money on lottery or games of chance.

Seed time and harvest time are biblical principles that work.

Plan to save or invest a set % of my income every month.

Have my pay sent directly to my savings account.

Deposit any refunds, bonuses, unexpected gifts into my savings accounts – or change into hard currency.

Don’t raise my standards of living the next time I get a raise – I must invest it instead.

Teach my children money management skills – they will carry those lessons through out their lives.


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