Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Blog to Be You

There seems to come a point when the question is asked ‘Why am I blogging’? Should I move my blog in a particular direction? Should I have a theme for my blog? Am I interesting enough? Will people want to read this?

I say STOP IT!

Blog for fun.
Blog because you want to get stuff off your chest.
Blog because you want to share.
Blog because you have an opinion – or don’t have one.
Blog because it’s your blog.
Blog just because!

I blog for all the reasons above and more. For me it’s a meeting place of like and not so like minds. It’s a place of discovery, a place that’s a constant surprise. Of finding people to be fundamentally the same and quite unique and different all at the same time.

Society already puts enough pressure on us to conform to its man made rules and beliefs and preconceptions of what we can or can’t say, think, feel.  I certainly don’t want that spreading over to my blog. We should all be free to use this medium as an expression for who we are and what we feel. If I want to blog about my faith today and then talk about the way I brew a cup of tea the next, then I will.

Don’t worry if think you are boring or ‘same, same’. Aren’t we all at some point or another? Wouldn’t it be awful if we were all so interesting all the time?  I say, quit trying so hard and just be yourself. You are not here to please anyone but you. Don’t apologise for who you are.

I am not here to change the world with my blog. I am only here to be who I am.


Life is too short.

Have fun.

Blog on.


Blogger Adunni said...

Phew i made it.Sorry i'm late. I'm not very good with deadlines. I hope it passes muster.
Heres the link

9:45 pm  
Blogger Just Thinking Out Loud! said...

Nice entry for sure. Wish many people could practise this. It's amazing how many of us just get too bothered about approval in the blogville and in the world beyond that.

2:16 pm  

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