Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Man of the Year

And once again the question had to be answered who will be the Man of The Year 2006.
It has not been easy to select the top 3 candidates from thousands of nominations from all over the world. But a relentless jury has finally awarded the top 3 nominations.

3rd Place

2nd Place

And the winner....



Blogger adefunke said...

rotflmao! Good to see the 'fog' has cleared.

4:11 pm  
Blogger Shola said...

My! what kinda men are these. lol!!

1:15 am  
Blogger Nyemoni said...


7:03 am  
Blogger uknaija said...

So funny...tell me these photos were made up. Good to know that it's not just we Naija men

11:50 am  
Blogger Noni Moss said...


1:50 pm  
Blogger Toks- Boy said...

PGS- I don't get it. Is there a problem with the pics? I see two chaps trying to stop themselves getting wet and a third out on a leisurely boat trip with his missus. In all three I get a sense of a love that is running deep between those people. Or is it just me?

9:23 pm  
Blogger Pilgrimage to Self said...

@uknaija: I wondered the same thing myself i.e are the photos made up?

@toks-boy: Hmm, I would harzard a guess that it might just be you. :)

10:26 am  
Blogger Calabar Gal said...

I'm in stitches. Where can I find the other entries?

2:57 pm  
Blogger R said...


This is just what the doctor ordered.

PS Glad to see the sunshine peeking out for you. You well?

3:31 pm  
Blogger Mrs Somebody said...

These men should be flogged!!!!!

8:08 am  

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