Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Uniqueness of being Nigerian

Visiting some Nigerian friends the other day, it struck me that there are some traits that are so unique to Nigerians that you cannot help but know that we are in their presence. So I made up a little list of our ‘uniqueness’

You know you are visiting a Nigerian home when…

1. Within half an hour (sometimes less) of arriving you are being offered ‘minerals’ (soft drinks) and something to eat.

2. To keep you occupied you are given at least four HUGE photo albums to wade through, including the wedding album regardless of the fact that you may have seen them 10 times before already.

3. The BEN TV channel (if you live in the UK and have Sky) is on and/or there is a pile of Nigerian movies stacked up by the television.

4. There are plastic flowers on the dining table.

5. There is a bead ‘curtain’ separating the living room from the dining room/Kitchen.

6. The conversation turns to the state of Nigeria/Politics.

7. The other visitor present tries to sell you Lace, Gele or Asoebi (help me with the spelling here please!)

8. No one really divulges what they do when asked the question ‘so what do you do?’ (and if I hear the answer ‘I’m into IT’ one more time I’ll scream!!!!)

9. There are Eleganza food coolers in the kitchen store along with a large bag of rice and packets of Maggi Cubes.

10. Everyone expresses a desire to return Nigeria because England Hum, hiss, snapping of fingers and slapping of thighs and an ‘all dis oyinbo people sef’ but no real reason given. However, when pressed for exactly when they will be returning it is always in a vague 5 – 10 years time.

Can you think of any more uniqueness to add to the list?

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Blogger uknaija said...

ROTFL! At this rate you'll get me sacked

3:47 pm  
Anonymous songreach said...

only a couple of these sounds familiar, so maybe my homies in the US have a better taste with interior decoration..or maybe it's just because I loathe artificial flowers.

all said in good humor!

4:22 pm  
Anonymous Mama Bomboy said...

very funny ... hmmm... well I think our Nigerians in the US have come a long way. These days you really can't tell who is Nigerian by speech, or home decor.

However... if they have a deep freezer with meat.. chances are they are nigerian.
... a bible visible in the house... Nigerian
... yell at their kids in the store... Nigerian (I'm guilty here)
... a dinner party with no less than 50 people... Nigerian

yes.. its in the blood.

5:31 am  
Blogger Pilgrimage to Self said...

OMG!!! What Naija crowd have I been hanging around with?? :-D LOL!!

Perhaps I should have been more specific and called the post The Uniqueness of being an Older Generation Nigerian. ;) Oh dear, now the older folks are going to be after me....

9:15 am  
Blogger Belle said...

heyyyyyyy!! I really 'AM INTO IT'!!! hehehhehehe

i'm under 30, living in the US... and I think your list is pretty accurate. lol.

PS... i'm glad you're blogging often... you know i LOVE your blogs :)

8:01 pm  
Blogger Pilgrimage to Self said...

@ Belle: thanks for the complement. I've gone all red now, awwwwwwwww. :D

10:07 pm  
Blogger Shola said...

exactly! what naija crowd have u been hanging around with?

2:58 pm  
Anonymous lovelyflower said...

My comment's not here. Now I'm worried... was it plainly distasteful or it just got lost in transit?

'love ur blog, BTW.

2:05 pm  
Blogger Uzo said...

LOL. Ehm plastic flowers? LOL. I have to be totally unoriginal and ask, what kind of Nigerians have you been hanging with?

12:19 pm  

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