Friday, November 17, 2006

Five Years and Counting

Five years ago today, my husband and I got married. Yes, today is our wedding anniversary.

Being romantic is not one of my husbands strong points so I was very pleasantly surprised this morning when he gave me a lovely potted plant (I prefer live plants which stay with me forever than a bunch of flowers which wilt and die after a couple of days – nice to look at but basically a waste of money) and this ring which I have been lusting after ever since I clapped eyes on it in Paris. I love it, love it, love it!! And it fits perfectly – When I asked how he guessed at my ring size, he said he tested one of my rings on his little finger to gauge my size. Isn’t that sweet.

But now I feel so guilty because I didn’t get him anything. Yikes!! So I shall be hurrying myself into the city today to get him something equally as romantic.

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Blogger Uzo said...

Oh. Congratulations. I am liking your husband. Isnt the forgetting and not getting anything supposed to be the man's thing? Have fun

11:48 am  
Blogger LondonBuki said...

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary... Thank God for such a husband :-)

12:35 pm  
Blogger Funmi said...

Happy 5th anniversary!

6:02 pm  
Blogger Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

awwww.. that is so sweet of him.. happy aniversary luv!

6:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said... sweet!

happy 5th!

8:00 pm  
Blogger Pilgrimage to Self said...

Thank you everyone!!

7:31 am  
Blogger TP said...

Congrats! I wish you both many more happy years to come. How come it was YOU who forgot to get him a present???? It sounds like he now knows what you like. That is to be commended!

4:17 pm  
Blogger bibi said...

congrats on ur anniversary....

1:59 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Happy Anniversary. i pray that the years ahead of you are longer and happier than the ones that you have already lived through.

God bless.

6:39 pm  
Anonymous Ayoola said...

I'm so behind on everything, man. Congratulations, Pilgrimage, both on your cute baby bump and your anniversary!!

9:51 pm  
Anonymous didi said...

how romantic of him.happy anniversary

10:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aww..isnt that the sweetest? Congratulations!!!
Happy anniversary, I pray it last longer than you can imagine!!

3:37 pm  
Blogger uknaija said...

Congratulations....your husband sounds like he deserves you :-)

6:04 pm  
Blogger adefunke said...

ah that ring! Congratulations on your anniversary

9:42 pm  
Blogger uknaija said...

7:35 am  
Blogger Ore said...

Congrats on your anniversary. Here's to many, many more!

8:17 pm  
Blogger Gbemi's Piece said...

Happy Anniversary! Your husband is so sweet. That ring rocks, I like! Hope you were able to find him something.

2:51 pm  

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