Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Fifty Pound Note

Have you ever paid for something using a £50 note? And have you ever noticed the reaction you got when the person behind the till noticed that you were paying for your items with a £50 note?

I never fail to be amazed at the fuss shops make when they see a £50 note. It’s like you’ve handed them a vial full of a deadly disease. The first reaction you get from the checkout person is a very funny look as if to say ‘where the hell did you get this, you unworthy cretin’, then the note is carefully scrutinized and rubbed between the thumb and the forefinger, then it’s held up to the light and if that is not enough, in some cases the shop manager is called to vet the offending note.

You know the feeling that overcomes you at passport control at Airports? You know the one I mean - feeling like a criminal in spite of the fact that you know all your documents are in order and your passport is certainly not fake? Well that’s the feeling that overcomes me on the rare occasions that I am opportuned to hand over a £50 note at the till of a shop.

I don’t get it. Every time it happens I feel like asking them whether or not it’s legal tender. One would think it wasn’t from the reaction you get.



Blogger Soul said...

during those times,
I just fix my face with the most bored look.
I sometimes start singing to myself, I don't even look at the sales person, it's like whatever they are doing, is not my concern, let them worry themselves silly over legal tender... I just look bored.

At the end of the ordeal, sometimes I say, are you satisfied? are you sure? okay cool.
Usually, they'll start explaining, and I just fix my face with that bored look again, or say please can I just have my change.

It's like the £50 note is an enigma or something, I did hear that it's the easiest note to fake though.

2:06 pm  
Blogger Uzo said...

I remember that. Its probably because they just arent used to seeing the pink note everyday....Hope you're feeling better....

3:58 pm  
Anonymous didi said...

i get that a lot and what i always want to ask is dont i look like i can afford to spend it?

1:06 pm  
Blogger Calabar Gal said...

It amuses me so much when the sales person do that. In my mind I say to myself most times that they should check out Naija where a person paying for a brand new fridge'frezeer or TV set will most likely pay in cash - GHANA MUST GO - what would they do if they were in that situation? Resign from the shop? Different Strokes for differnt folks or should I say differnet Countries as always. LOL

5:21 pm  

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