Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Belly Churning ...

I promise that this will be the last post I make on feeling sick – after this I shall focus on the positives, okay? Like I always say, Pregnancy is not an illness.

But I have to tell you, I have been as sick as a dog. Everything just makes my stomach revolt and no sooner have I eaten something, I feel queasy again. I have managed to hold it all down but it’s been hard.

I am also being made queasy by smells around me – my shampoo, hand wash and soap all have me reaching for the retch bag. I am also incredibly tired and could sleep all day. Thankfully, this stage only lasts the first 12 weeks (I am about 7 weeks now) and after that I should be back to normal (at least I was the first time around).

I popped into Tesco before work this morning and got myself a pack of chargrilled chicken and red pepper pasta which I had for breakfast (yes, breakfast). Wasn’t bad – I avoided the little tub of salad dressing which it came with and enhanced the flavour with salt instead. So far so good, my stomach seems to be reluctantly embracing it.

My daughter is getting into the spirit of things by telling everyone within ear reach that ‘my mummy has a baby in her belly. And it’s going to get bigger and bigger and bigger’. Ahhh kids, there’s nothing like keeping a secret with them.

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Blogger dazmanu said...

Great post. Keep up the good work!

The Water Filter Man

10:50 am  
Anonymous songreach said...

PTS...pele..ndo(sp?) what I have found out with my little experience is that carbohydrates help...i don't know if you like yams (isu) they are good for breakfast too.

also, eat small meals all day..don't wait till you get hungry to eat coz that aggravates the nausea

you said something about mints in one of yr prvious posts, are those helping? I found out with my last pregnancy that they made me feel worse

God Bless!!

1:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pele O! Only a little while longer.'s great that you little girl seems excited about you having another baby. My aunt made sure from the beginning to explain to her 1 and a half year old that there was a baby in her belly, and encouraged her to kiss and rub her belly and told her that they would take care of the new baby together.

By the time her second daughter was born, her first didn't feel left out or neglected and was as helpful as she could be - doing little things like getting diapers and wipes when the bay was being changed, for example. I've heard stories of older siblings having a jealousy syndrome and trying to do things to hurt their younger siblings so it sounds like you've gotten a headstart on that, which is good. Take care.

2:11 pm  
Blogger Pilgrimage to Self said...

@ songreach: I think you are right about the carbs thing - yes I do like yam so will get some today. I have managed to hold down the pasta salad I had this morning (carbs too) so I am happy about that. I am on the fence about the mints, when i am sucking them I am fine, but as soon as I finish, they leave a strange taste (and film) in my mouth. Peppermint tea does the same.

And yeeeeeeeessssssss, you are so right about waiting till I get hungry... it really does aggravate the nausea.

@Ms. may: I am trying to do the same with my daughter (she is three and a half)explaining to her about her little brother or sister who is coming soon etc etc.
She seems excited which is a good sign so I think all will be well.

Thank you both for all the advice and concern. I really appreciate it.

3:42 pm  

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