Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hello June and a Fun Meme

I can’t believe how quickly May has flown by but what a good month it has been for me. In May I…

  1. stepped out of my comfort zone and started working towards making my dream a reality.

  2. came to the realisation that it is indeed achievable with hard work and commitment.

  3. have finally discovered what my passion is.

The month of June is going to be spent growing myself and my business venture, improving my talents, widening my network of potential clients and stepping out of my (self imposed) box.

And to welcome in the month of June, here’s a fun meme for you to try.

Put your first name followed by ‘needs’ into Google Search and list the first 15 searches, with no duplicates of course.

PTS needs

…alternate style sheet with *standard* links rendering.
…to pick up the tab
…Nova victory today and U Conn in the finals to win.
…increased funding to develop new projects that will alleviate the parking dilemma on the Tempe Campus.
…Humanities and the arts
…a language and a message domain
…more energy! (true dat!)
…4 enzymes to maintain inward flux and both glucose and free-energy sensing ability
a challenge
…to be multipolar
…complied po files
…to ensure that operators can migrate their IP
…to ensure a consistent pricing structure across the different access products



Blogger Jamie said...

The meme is a blast! But even cooler than the fun of the meme is reading that you've found your passion and you're making your dreams come true! May June be full of progress on your dream journey :)

10:46 pm  
Blogger Pilgrimage to Self said...

Thank you very much Jamie.

9:46 am  

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