Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogging Again

As you may already have guessed life has been incredibly busy hence the long silence from me on my blog. There just are not enough hours in the day any more.

Where to begin?

Well, baby (I’ll refer to her as G from henceforth) is now nine weeks old – yeah I know I can barely believe it myself! – and she is just the cutest thing on this planet. However, she has recently developed a Jekyll and Hyde personality - switching between being a coo-ing angelic cherub one minute and a screaming banshee the next. To deal with this screaming persona I enlisted the help of a simple devise known as a dummy. My goodness, does it work like magic or what! I swore over my dead body that I would not give a dummy to my first daughter and I never did (fool that I was I now realise) and after initially taking the same stance with G I had to admit defeat after a particularly nasty screaming bout (there is nothing like a screaming baby to get your temperature rising and your teeth gnashing!) and rushed out to Boots to buy one and am I glad I did. Used sensibly and with discretion a dummy can be a life saver. It calms G instantly and the sucking seems to soothe her. I wish I had known this the first time around I would have saved myself a lot of stress and tears.

But there is no doubt about it; I am enjoying being a mother more this time around than I did with my first. With my first child, it was a journey into the unknown and it felt, at the time, like I was travelling down a long dark tunnel with no light at the end of it. I felt trapped - like my life had come to an end. But as I look back nowI realise I suffered from baby blues.

This time around, experience has kicked in. I know what to expect and I am more relaxed about the little things I used to get so worked up over the first time around. I am much more in control and feel a lot more confident about my mothering skills. I have accepted the fact that a task that would normally take me half an hour to complete (like blogging) now takes me the whole day because I have to keep stopping midway to attend to G. Most importantly, I know whatever phase G is going through will pass so I try as much as possible to enjoy the moment. Of course from time to time I blow a gasket (I am only human afterall) but it's short lived and I take a deep breath and life goes on.

Hopefully, I am now sufficiently back on track to begin blogging more regularly again – I’ve missed it and boy do I have loads to blog about.