Friday, July 07, 2006

My brush with Fame

I was just thinking about famous people I have ‘met’ and this jumped to mind. It always makes me laugh.

It was December 2004 and my hubby, my then ten month old daughter and I had just landed at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica. And in the usual ‘3rd World’ fashion there were throngs of people hanging around the conveyor belts waiting for the luggage to start rolling out sans luggage trolleys.

Our luggage finally arrives and hubby leaves me in charge of them while he goes off to look for the elusive trolleys. He leaves me with a terse word of warning to ‘keep your eyes on the bags.’ I stand guard, eyes sweeping this way and that with a fierce look on my face which said ‘if you so much as take one step near my luggage, I’ll karate chop your Adams apple out of your throat, so don’t mess with me!’ when I suddenly notice a corned rowed, light skinned chap standing next to me staring intensely at me. I stare right back, hold my baby tighter and take one step even closer to my luggage. We have this staring match for about 5 minutes (my stare is so fierce by this time that the skin on my forehead is threatening to collapse in on itself) when his luggage finally arrives and he walks off at the same time my hubby is walking back to baby and I.

He reaches me and tells me excitedly ‘Hey! That was Sean Paul did you see him?!’

‘WWWWWWWhhhhhhhaaaaaatttttttttt????????’ I reply ‘I’ve just spent that last five minutes staring at him thinking he was about to make off with our bags!!!!!!!’

I hadn’t recognised him at all! In retrospect, I guess he was staring at me so hard because he was expecting me to recognise him. Or maybe he was just mesmerised by my blinding beauty…. who knows. Frankly, I just thought he was a potential bag-napper.


Blogger Calabar Gal said...

LOL!!! OMG!!! That was a very big missed photo opportunity!! (smile)
He probably couldnt fathom why there was no recognition in ur eyes or thot u were a very lovely lady. (more likely the latter) LOL

4:45 pm  

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