Thursday, July 06, 2006

Carrying on from where I left off...

So carrying on from where I left off yesterday…

I’m still bored. I’m still restless. My minds still wondering/wandering.

But I did try and clean up my side bar links yesterday. I have been reading quite a few new(ish) blogs for a couple of months and although I don’t often leave comments I visit them faithfully. So a few have been added to my links and others have been removed – either their last entry was in January or the URL’s have suddenly disappeared. That’s the thing with blogs, readers begin to lose interest if they’re not updated regularly.

I’ve been thinking about my need to be doing something else when I’m doing something else – you follow?- and it struck me that I am actually quite busy on a day to day level. Between going to work, keeping my little girl entertained, keeping a house and a home and running a little business on the side, I actually have quite a full day and yet, yes, yet I still feel there is something missing. I can’t quite place my finger on it but the feeling just hangs around. If you ask me what I would rather be doing instead, I will not be able to give you a concrete answer. It’s like when I used to ask married friends back in the day how they knew their husbands were THE ONE for them and they always used to reply with the annoying ‘I just knew!’ and I would get so peed off at such a silly, non-explanatory answer (I give the same answer now though hehehee) – that’s how I feel right now. When I start doing what I really want to do, I’ll just know.


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