Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Being Bored

I seem to be plagued with an almost constant feeling that I ought to be doing something. Quite what I don’t know but when I am at my PC/in the bath/cooking/at work/driving,  I am constantly being distracted by another 100 more interesting things I could be doing. The funny thing is when I do tackle a task which my mind had been telling me would be interesting/entertaining/more productive, I start to think of something else I could be doing instead. Does that make any sense? And on it goes. My minds restless and my body even more so. My thoughts flirt from one thing to another but never quite rests anywhere.

And the thing is I don’t know what I want to be doing. Perhaps it’s boredom? The need for a change of scene? Even my blog is getting on my nerves – I’m getting itchy fingers to change the template but when I think of all the links I have to put on again, and all the other bits and bobs that have gone into the setting up of this blog, I’m put off. I mean, my sidebar it informs everyone that I am currently listening to Prince’s 3121. That’s so not true. I have had new music playing my ear now for the last couple of months but somehow I just can’t be bothered to change that info. But then again, does anyone really care. I would hazard a guess at not. Even the African Food Blog is suffering as well. And suffering is an understatement. Lets just say it’s a bit bare at the moment.

What to do, what to do the mind wanders and wonders. I AM BORED!! I think I need a holiday. Or something, anything…..

My life seems so dull at the moment. I called up a friend of mine this morning and at 9 am she was at a coffee morning. Coffee Morning at 9 in the morning??? And where am I? At the blooming office that’s where. The ungracious thought crossed my mind that Oh well, she can afford to be at a coffee morning because she is after all a SAHM (stay at home mom) but I felt bad immediately afterwards because with three little boys on her hands, she hardly has a free moment and how dare I begrudge her her coffee morning. I have said a prayer of forgiveness for my evil thoughts!

But yes, I do feel a bit out of sorts. Perhaps it’s the heat. Eh? Heat ke? No be naija you for grow up? Ma sista, broder no vex but my body no dey used to this heat anymore. Chei, AC no even dey wey I fit escape into. So forgive me. But yeah, the heat right now is unbearable and the nights are even worse. Nothing helps – not even going to bed scantily clad with all the windows left wide open. No single breeze dey blow for nite! I wake up feeling I have just come out of the boxing ring. Reminds me so much of those NEPAless nights in Naija. The only thing missing are the mosquitoes.

My spell checker is going crazy at the moment after that little bout of pidgin English. Na so so red just dey unda all de words. Laugh!

Oh, I better go before my boredom begins to rub off on you. Hope you are living a more exciting life than mine at the moment.


Blogger In my head and around me said...

I was just thinking about this (constantly being distracted....) same thing like 5 minutes ago. It’s made worse by the fact that I have been logging my daily work activities in a little black book...based on what I've logged, I apparently don't do anything.

I flit from task to task and somehow manage to do what I am expected to do. I am just thinking...please don't send me on any time management course because that will just take more time and not allow me get anything done:)!

5:01 pm  
Blogger Pilgrimage to Self said...

'...I have been logging my daily work activities in a little black book...based on what I've logged, I apparently don't do anything...' This really made me laugh. It's terrible isn't it, not being able to concentrate on anything and you know as I get older, it seems to get worse!!

6:34 pm  
Blogger R said...

I so know the feeling you're describing here, PTS.

The description that I most connect with is Tolstoy's:

"The desire for desires."

When first I read that in Anna Karenina, I hovered over it for a time, stunned.

That's my reference point every time I get here. That is how I understand myself when I am in this place.

The desire for desires.

8:57 am  
Blogger Pilgrimage to Self said...

HI Rombo, you stranger you! long time!! You've been missed.
Yes, that about sums it up 'The desire for desires'

9:09 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by my Funking in the 80s blog. Yep, it makes us all feel a bit old. Someone has got to keep the funk alive .lol

Lovely post, sometimes I feel the same, and I can feel where you are coming from. Not sure what the solution is, but make sure you finish off one task before stepping into the next. It helps. More importantly, keep your blog rolling; I intend to be a regular guest.


10:55 am  
Blogger Pilgrimage to Self said...

@ Aba Boy: Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your future visits.

11:10 am  
Blogger Onada said...

your life sounds way more exciting than mine girl..but i feel you.

7:03 pm  
Blogger Ore said...

You know I feel this way too. So blahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

11:59 pm  

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