Monday, April 03, 2006

April and a new Pet Project projects todo lists and setting goals...HELLO april

So, March has come and gone and once again I have missed achieving the three goals I set for myself. However, I shall not despair because spring is in the air and the sun is blazing (but not producing the equivalent type of heat one would expect from the intensity of the rays it’s emitting) and the sky is an unbelievable shade of blue, plus I have discovered the perfect project which marries my two penchants well – for making to-do lists, and setting goals.

This led me to spend a good part of the week-end setting up a new blog specifically for my new pet project - an activity that proved to be very worthwhile indeed. I have learned how to set up collapsible sidebars, do all sorts of funky things with the blogger template to suit my specs, and solicited ( and got) tekkie help from a fellow blogger I stumbled upon in the blogosphere. (It’s wonderful how strangers are very willing to help you on the WWW. It’s like the anonymity frees us all from our inhibitions). So all I have to do now is get my 101 list made up, post it on my blog and I am ready to rock and roll, as they say.

I am therefore, not going set up any goals specifically geared towards being achieved in April, as the 101 project will cover all that and gives me a bit of breathing room to achieve all the goals on my master list. I am really looking forward to crossing them off one by one.

April, I embrace you with open arms and an optimistic attitude!

PS: Isn't it just amazing how fast the year is rushing by


Blogger sokari said...

Hi - great find but still waiting for that poem :)

8:40 am  
Blogger Jeri said...

Hi Pilgrim,

I tried to leave a comment about your bullets yesterday, but it didn't show up again. Is it because you monitor your comments and they don't show up until you approve them? I have this trouble with another blogger and she also uses the word verification. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I may just be clicking on the wrong button.

Anyway, I checked your source code and it doesn't look like you did anything wrong. I noticed that you don't have bullets in front of your links either, so it may be because bullets aren't included in the style section of your template. I'm not sure. I've never made changes to the style section so I don't know how to change that. You might try Blogger Help and see if they have tips on the style section. Sorry I'm not more help.

Also, while I was checking out your code, Cashflow 101 caught my eye. Its a great game. It's expensive, but a lot of fun and a safe way to learn about investing. It's kindof like Monopoly on steroids. My youngest (17 yo) and I play. He always beats me. I guess that's a good thing.

Great list, good luck with your tasks. Feel free to come back and visit anytime. It's nice to meet a fellow 101er.


1:46 pm  

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