Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yellow Suns and other Trivia

Chimamanda Adichie’s new book Half of a Yellow Sun dropped through my letter box yesterday and I can tell you folks, it’s already got me in its grips. I am only on page 19 (and that’s because I was dead tired when I started reading it last night) but I can see myself being done with it by tomorrow (it’s 433 pages long.)I have brought it into work with me- Teehehe.

There are few authors who have the ability to catch your attention and hold you spellbound from the first page of their book and, for me, Chimamanda has that. Perhaps it’s because I can relate to what she is writing about and I can vividly imagine the characters and I even read the words of the characters with a faint Ibo accent (and I am not even Ibo!). I can also imagine the scenery because I have been to Nsuuka before and so know exactly what she is writing about. For someone so young (29) she writes in a very mature way. In this book she tackles the Briafran war (the story is set in that era) and I am amazed that for someone who was born way after the said war, she is able to write about it so well. I can’t and I was born in 1970. But then that’s why she has published two books and I am sitting here blogging. *laugh*

This month has been a funny month for me – sort of disconnected and dreamlike. I don’t know why but I guess we all get that way sometimes. My schedule has all gone haywire and there is no flow to my days – almost like I have lost a grip. It’s disorientating to feel this way because normally, I have things (and my life) under control. Ah, never mind, it’ll blow over soon and I will look back at this period and wonder what the fuss was all about.

And onto something really trivial.

Driving into work today a piece of news on Radio Four filtered through to my consciousness and this was it – hold on to your pants guys:

Scientists have finally agreed that Pluto IS a planet after all.

Nooooooo, you don’t say???? *heavy sarcasm* Now, forgive me if I am being ignorant and fail to see the life saving importance of this announcement but what the hell difference does that make to anyone’s life?????? To think that taxpayers money is being wasted to ascertain whether or not Pluto is a planet??? Don’t these scientists have anything better to do??



Blogger BOA said...

But I thought I read in the Guardian (Nigeria) that scientists decided that Pluto IS NOT a planet afterall.

(PS. Methinks it makes it easier for school-kids who now have only eight names to learn. Wonder what will happen if they decide Earth is no longer a planet. Big business for Branson's Virgin InterGalactic - as the quest for relocation to Mars boils over the edge of the pot)

11:40 am  

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