Tuesday, February 28, 2006

About Me 101

1. make a mean lasagna
2. sew
3. speak German
4. am a morning person
5. love life
6. enjoy people watching
7. am a Radio Four addict
8. secretly have a bit of Bree (see desperate housewives) lurking around inside me
9. always eat the batter off my fish fingers first.
10. save my piece of meat till the last

I spend too much time
11. in front of the TV
12. Dreaming and not doing
13. surfing the world wide web
14. worrying about money
15. doing things that don’t add value to my life
16. on housework
17. in the kitchen
18. procrastinating
19. cooking up excuses for number 12
20. brushing my teeth

I don’t spend enough time
21. on myself
22. reading my Bible
23. laughing
24. keeping in touch with old friends
25. listening to music
26. writing
27. in the great outdoors
28. listening to my inner man
29. doing the things I enjoy
30. being still

Pet Peeves
31. used teabags in the sink
32. emails with ‘Fwd’ in front of them
33. overused acronyms especially LOL
34. chain mail of any sort
35. sales calls when I am in the middle of something important
36. queue jumpers
37. people who wait to just as they board before rummaging around for change to pay for their bus fare
38. wet towels on the bed
39. using my stuff without asking
40. not putting things back where they were found.

I dislike
41. being called ‘my dear’
42. when people ask ‘so when are you having the next one (baby)?’
43. rudeness
44. people spitting
45. being taken for granted
46. people who ignore the signs and still go ahead and use their mobile phones.
47. confrontations
48. people who moan all the time
49. the smell of freshly cut grass
50. day old food

I can’t resist
51. a bargain
52. beautiful blank notebooks
53. unusually coloured paper
54. hot chocolate
55. woven baskets
56. a freebie
57. unique pottery
58. blog crawling
59. cacti
60. a pretty pair of leather sandals

One day I would like to
61. be rich
62. travel the world
63. Meet Maya Angelou
64. ditto Oprah Winfrey
65. set up a life skills training institution for disadvantaged women in Nigeria
66. Own my own business
67. actually stick to my original plans
68. be mysterious
69. get published
70. go to New Zealand to visit my pen pal of 23 years

I wish
71. I had more sense of adventure
72. My daughter would let me sleep past 6am in the morning
73. I could turn back the hands of time – just a few years
74. I knew for sure – about anything
75. Summer would hurry up and arrive
76. I believed in myself more
77. I was better at making small talk
78. I didn’t have to work
79. The world was at peace
80. my neighbors kids would put their blooming crisp packets in the bin and not in my front garden!!

This year I want to
81. have another child
82. travel to the Bahamas
83. get my business up and running
84. change my maiden name in my passport ( I have been putting it off for four years!!)
85. read the Bible from cover to cover
86. quit my job
87. become a millionaire
88. move house
89. be more positive
90. save more!

When I am old and grey, I want to be able to say
91. I was a giver
92. I lived a fulfilled and meaningful life
93. My family loves me
94. I regret nothing
95. I achieved all my goals
96. I lived with faith
97. I can dance the socks off any twenty year old
98. I am not senile
99. I can still tie my own shoe laces
100. I will be sorely missed when I am gone


101. I am glad this is done. Now you go do it!

* idea from One Woman’s Words


Blogger Onada said...

hey i speak german too! where did u learn it? I used to live in vienna :)

8:12 pm  
Blogger Pilgrimage to Self said...

My mum's German and it was the first language I learned.

6:31 am  

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