Thursday, December 01, 2005

Driving, public transport and smells

Woke up this morning, took one look outside (dull, dark and pouring with rain) and decided ��?$%^@~$% it, I��m driving to work today. I have had enough of bus jumping and this is the worst time of the year to be riding on public transport. Many a time I have to hold myself back from screaming ��Don��t you guys have any running water in your homes?!�� The smells that emanate from the bodies around you have to be smelt to be believed, plus the windows of the bus are locked shut as well because of the cold so all passengers are stewing in a cesspit of evil smells. I thank God for scarves which filter the air you breathe when you pull them up over your nose.

But I digress. Yeah, so I took the decision to drive into work today and I am so proud of myself. I made it here in one piece. Did all my appropriate observations, did my mirror checks, hit my biting point and kept within the speed limits.

Driving instructor finally gave me the go ahead to book a test so I shall do just that and in the meantime, squeeze in as much practice as I can which translates into me driving myself to work and everywhere else, for the next few weeks. It does baffle me though, that after driving in the mad traffic that that fills many Nigerian roads for over ten years, driving here has become such an issue for me. It��s like a part of my brain is just keyed into the notion that I cannot move a car unless I pass my DVLA driving test. It��s crazy.


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