Monday, November 28, 2005

Snow, Sting and Memory Lane

It's snowing! It's snowing!! I have lived here for five and a half years now but I am still like a kid when it snows and it's snowed every year since I arrived. I just get so excited. Everywhere is so lovely and white and clean!!! Because all the grime is hiding underneath all the beautiful snow. My daughter will be well pleased when see wakes up from her nap and looks out of the window.

I had a very pleasant morning today. I dug out my old Sting CD 'Dream of the Blue Turtles' and listened to it while having a full English breakfast with my daughter. Oh, did it transport me down memory lane or what? All those old ghosts from the past coming up, albeit pleasantly, to haunt me. It reminded me so much of Uni... those were my intense music listening days. I don't listen to music very much these days, something I am trying to rectify though. Personally, I think Dream of the Blue Turtles is Stings best album. But listening to it today after many years of not, it surprised me to note how dark it is and quite political. I guess fifteen years ago I wasn't paying much attention to the words -
I listened more to the music and the rhymes ( I used to write poetry back in the day as well - mostly depressing stuff as I tended to write when I had had my heart broken yet again)- but today I actually listened to the words. It was great.

I am reading The Opposite of Fate by Amy Tan. I found it a couple of years ago while I was browsing in The Works ( it's surprising what you can find in that bookshop from time to time, real gems) and it sat on my shelf collecting dust up until four days ago when I got bored and was looking for something to read. And it's really quite good - it's the story of her life as written by her. And since I have a passion for reading about other people I think I am going to enjoy this book very much.

I have also decided to take up journaling again. I used to in my very late teens and early twenties and I really enjoyed it. Huddled under my blanket or curled up in a chair scribbling away. It was a kind of release for me. I gave it up though when I got caught up with the busyness of life but now I feel I am ready to start again but this time I think I will be more creative with my journal pages... Colour, drawings, quotes. Blogging is not quite the same thing because although I am anonymous I still consciously hold back from blogging about stuff that is up close and personal. Besides, I believe that writing is becoming a dying art ( I only have to look at my handwriting to confirm it) what with the advent of the PC and texting and stuff, so this will be my one cents worth of keeping it alive. There's nothing like watching words form on a blank page of a book.


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