Monday, November 21, 2005

This, that and the other

Something strange happens to me when I want to add a post to my blog and the 'create' window pops up... my mind draws a blank when I see the little 'Title' pane. I absolutely freeze. My mind goes into overdrive wondering what I will call this particular entry of mine. Shall I go for a witty title?or an intelligent (I hope) sounding one? shall I leave it blank (in which case no one will ever read it)? or shall I go for a vague non-descript title. Oh, the stress of it all. Today I am neither here nor there in terms of what I am blogging about so I am settling for a vague, non-descript title.

Is it COLD TODAY OR WHAT????? The fog is just crazy. I half expect to see Frankenstein or Freddy Kruger walking down our street, it's that creepy.

Finally knuckled down and produced a prototype of the product for my business. It's good to see a finished item but just making it has thrown up a lot of things that I hadn't taken into consideration when I wrote up my business plan especially the marketing section of the plan. It's back to the drawing board for me. My marketing strategy definitely has to change. I think I was planning to hit the road running as opposed to starting with a sprint. But it's all good. At least I have made a start and I am being realistic in terms of what I will be able to cope with. But I tell you its a nightmare trying to get suppliers in this country. They are either too expensive or they just don't stock what I require. I have already had to source one item from Taiwan!!! It's a fraction of the price of what I will pay in the UK.

Found another photo in my achieves which I thought fellow bloggers may find interesting ( my African iPod one seems to have amused quite a few people. This may be a solution when the fuel crisis that hits Naija from time to time happens again.

A few days ago I posted a blog asking people to join me in a Collaborative Journal Project and I must say I was under the very mistaken impression that quite a few people would be interested. Well... I was dead wrong. Infact, only one person has shown keen interest. Come on people, what are you all scared of. Or is the suspicious human (or naija ) nature of 'wetin she wan take that info do?' kicking in? Oh well, if I have no other takers then I will just have to scrap the idea and do a localized one instead. Sorry Bola! :-(

I don't know if I am the only one who has noticed this but do your posts publish with lots of errors when you type them in and publish them directly from MS Word using the blogger bar?


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