Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Keeping Motivation Going

How do you keep motivation going?

Like millions of other people I suspect, I am always very gung-ho when I start a project or have a new idea bubbling around my brain. I search for every little bit of information I can about it on the internet, write copious amounts of notes about it, buy books, talk to other people, join classes and then ´┐Ż´┐Żnothing. It just fizzles out. The excitement goes, the fire is extinguished. And yet another idea bites the dust.

Its happened quite a bit to me in my life and I am trying to understand why. Why do I go so far and no further? Am I not ambitious enough? Is it the fear of the unknown? Am I lazy? I dunno but I don't think its any one of those things. Or maybe it is. Like I said I dunno. Its a habit or behaviour I want to change though because I feel am throwing away what could have been fulfilling, profitable, joyful, life changing experiences I could have had. Why can't I be like Nike and just do it?

So, how do you keep motivation going?


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