Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Annoying ways at the Office

There is nothing I hate more than walking into my office to see my desk strewn with other peoples mess : post-it notes, files, papers, magazines and the absolute worst - half drunk mugs of coffee. Because I work part-time, I am away from my desk for two days in the week and sure as not when I return to it, it is almost always invariably in a mess. Ohhhh, how this annoys me. And as I am always the first person to get in in the mornings, I just transfer the mess onto the culprit's desk - I always know whodunit - and make very obvious references to it (falling on deaf ears mostly). But today took the wee wee.

I walk in and there are files elbow high on my table, post- it notes dotted everywhere - half of them not containing messages for me - and two boxes of fax toner down by the side of my desk. I calmly transfer the files and post it notes (okay, I was breathing heavily) and pointedly ignored the fax toner boxes. My colleague walks in an hour later I pass a comment about the state in which I had found my desk an hour earlier (I actually got an apology ... progress!) and I bring the boxes to her attention.

  • Are these here for any special reason I ask.

  • Yes, the fax machine is out of toner.

  • Yeah, and�� I say trailing off.

  • I don't know how to change it.

  • Neither do I but there are instructions on the box that show you how.
I raise my eyebrows to communicate the unspoken word 'fool' and smile sweetly.

Thinking its not worth the hassle I change the toner anyway. Sometimes I wonder if people are just dumb fools, can't be arsed to do the messy jobs themselves or are just trying one on. Tonight, I am going to make a huge sign which will say 'Please leave this desk as seen'. Hope it works.


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