Thursday, October 27, 2005

Joining the bandwagon

I am sad to report that after months of tough resistance on my part, I have at last been bitten by the Su doku bug....but I am loving it, haha.

I was off from work on Wednesday as I had had a lousy night the day before... the runs, backache, headache, general feeling of sick in my stomach ...hmm, coming to think of it a bit like having malaria symptons. Anyway I spent most of wednesday in bed tucked up with a little book full of Sudoku puzzles. I am generally not one that 'follows the crowd' but I must say I have been won over this time. I can spend hours trying to figure out which numbers go where.. and I am still at the 'easy' level stage!!


Blogger Nneka's World said...

Just bumped into your blog, nice blog going on here. hope you get over the bug.

10:39 am  

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