Saturday, October 22, 2005

The beginning

Today is a wet day outside and I am so glad I have just cancelled my driving lesson. I hate to drive in the rain. Besides my instructor is beginning to get on my nerves. I get the feeling I am being used as some kind of cash cow, afterall I drove in Nigeria for over 17 years and the only reason I have finally decided to take lessons is to get my UK drivers license. The first lesson I ever had with him was just so .... Demoralizing! I mean it was like I had never driven in my life!! I did nothing right apart from start the engine! I don't think any amount of explanation would have helped put across the message that in Nigeria the aim is to get from A to B in one piece when you get behind the wheel. A wide spread of the fingers accompanied with a loud shout of 'Waka' does wonders for propelling you forward in Lagos traffic ... Especially if it's a woman behind the wheel. At least it did five and a half years ago. Anyways, I have given him - instructor - a deadline of wanting to take my test in December. I have had enough of giving away £18 of my hard earned cash every Friday afternoon. I'm in the wrong profession that's for sure. Wouldn't I like to earn £18 per hour for sitting beside someone in my car and belting out endless instructions?

But yeah, I really must get my act together and get mobile. I was almost thrown off the bus today because I couldn't find my ticket. I felt like a kid who had been caught with fingers in the cookie jar. Anyway, I was let off the hook (thanks in part to my angelic looks and the fact that I must have come across as 'don't mess with me 'cos I aint going to pay for another miserable bus ticket) and I made a promise to myself, in the next one month I shall be turning my nose up at the public transport system because I shall be cruising along in my very own metallic wonder!


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