Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Losing my oomph

For the past two days (going on the third day today) I have been feeling very low. Not depressed, just low. Low in energy, drive and spirit. I can't put my finger on the why.

I start my day off full of good intentions but by the end of the day, I have ticked not one thing off my list. I have frittered the day away doing what exactly? Here are a choice few: browsing for information on the internet that I don't need, manically hitting the next button on the blogger bar and reading blogs that I don't even enjoy, channel surfing. I have books to read, goals to meet, a journal to write in, ideas to put on paper, people to get back to, groups to keep up with but they all get pushed to the back burner by my incomprehensible compulsion to fill my day with useless activity. This isn't me at all so that's what makes me even more annoyed with myself because it is so out of the norm for me. Everything has suddenly become a 'yeah, whatever...'

I feel pressured, like my head is about to pop open. Unfulfilled! Lacking in ... something but not really knowing what. I am irritable, frustrated. I am not where I want to be but can't seem to get myself going.

I seem to have lost the oomph I begun the year with.


Blogger Jeremy said...

Pele. Sounds like you need to go on retreat, or at least a weekend of walking somewhere. Walking is good for oomph.

5:37 pm  
Blogger Ore said...

Maybe you need to step away from that computer. Just take a break from it.

I faced a similar problem at work, but I know mine an Internet addiction. I have this compulsion to surf the Internet whenever I'm at a computer. In the office, it was getting so bad that I could not do any work. The less work I did, the worse I felt.

That problem got taken care of after my computer packed-up and I've had to replace it with one that is not connected to the Internet. Now, I'm over-worked and over-stressed.......

Seriously though, pretend like you don't even see the computer and try to do other things instead and see how you feel after a few days.


6:03 pm  
Blogger Pilgrimage to Self said...

Ahh, thanks guys.

Jeremy, have you been listening to the UK weather reports? I think walking is out of it for the mo. But maybe some deep breathing may help ;-)

Ore; easier said than done. My husband works in IT industry so there are three PC's in the house with broadband to boot!! But yeah, I hear what you are saying and will give it a shot!

6:35 pm  
Blogger adefunke said...

Pele, maybe you should just take a break from everything and everyone.

6:26 am  

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